ISO 27001:2013 Requirement

ISO 27001 is the international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) based largely upon the previously adopted BS 7799 used commonly since 1995 for managing information security. ISO 27001 provides the framework for a technology neutral, vendor-neutral management system that enables an organization to assure itself that its information security measures are effective. This includes the continued accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of its own information and that of its stakeholders as well as legal compliance

- Learn about best practice in Information Security Management and apply this within your organization.
- Realize the scope and purpose of the standard and how it can be implemented within an organization.
- Understand the key terms and definitions used in ISO/IEC 27001 to effectively roll out the principles.
- Leverage the fundamental ISO/IEC 27001 requirements for an ISMS to address the need to continually improve.
- Recognize the purpose of internal audits and external certification audits, their operation and the associated terminology.
- Apply your knowledge to business scenarios to enhance control of information. (Practitioner qualification only)

Who Should Attend
- Information security managers
- IT and corporate security managers
- Corporate governance managers
- Risk and compliance managers
- Human Resource managers
- Financial and Accounts managers
- Internal legal teams
- Private data and records administration teams

Duration 4 Days/ 24 Hrs

Code  MS/120