ISO 29990:2010 Requirement


ISO 29990:2010, Learning services for non-formal education and training – Basic requirements for service providers, published in September 2010. ISO 29990 specifies basic requirements for education and training, including learning, learning results and improvement, the learning service and the competence of the LSP.
This International Standard aims to create a general quality model for learning services. It also acts as a common reference for LSPs and their customers for planning, developing and implementing education and further education, as well as promoting development.
The standard follows a process-based structure to ensure its implementation leads to continual improvement. The standard’s ultimate aim is assuring the implementation of high-quality tutorial programmes and processes.

Course Objectives 
- The value of an effective learning service management system (LSMS) and its contribution to your business;
- The purpose and intent of the ISO 29990:2010 standards;
- Essential definitions and terminology to help you interpret and apply ISO 29990:2010 requirements, andThe key requirements of ISO 29990:2010 and how they relate to each other to form a robust learning service management system.

Who Should Attend
- Managers and heads of sections of the training departments at companies and institutions.
- Training companies Staff from marketing and sales departments.
- Who Concerned with the design of training programs , provide ,organize and coordinate programs
- Who Concerned with monitoring and evaluation of performance and the quality  of learning service 

Duration 3 Days – 18 hours.