Supply Chain Management

This Supply Chain Management training course is aimed at those who need an overview of the key issues and drivers involved.
It examines what supply chain management is fundamentally about and the key aspects established are that time is cash; movement to the customer is all that adds value, working with all involved pays, and that having to look outside of the box is fundamental Throughout the course the Rules for Effective Supply Chain Management are identified and discussed; along with Relevant Case Studies and Best Practice guidelines.

Course Objectives
After this Introduction to Supply Chain Management training course, delegates will
Personal Impact
-Appreciate changes to business processes that are taking place.
-Gain the financial benefits that effective supply chain management can bring.
-Determine how time “secretly” builds up in supply chains and that time is cash.
-Be able to understand, recall and apply improvements after the seminar for work based. application
-Best in class practices
Organisational Impact
-Be able to discuss added value and describe a supply chain in the context of where the delegates work.
-Understand how procurement relates to other business functions.
-Understand how procurement and logistics contribute to the business.
-Be aware of areas for improvement.

Who should attend
Middle- and senior-level managers from marketing, e-commerce, sales and operations, strategic planning and general managementSenior technology and information managers who support marketing, e-business and SCM programsProduct, brand, e-marketing and advertising managersFinance managers responsible for customer profitability measurements and analysis Sales and service manager.

3 Days – 18 hours. 

CODE M/511