Internal Auditor for Management Systems

Internal audit has over the years, moved a long way forward to being a strong indispensable control tool in the hands of the management for effectively and efficiently running the affairs of the entity. Internal audit is playing a significant and critical role in evaluating the adequacy of internal controls and assessing the extent of compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, policies and procedures and suggesting ways to reduce the costs and promote efficiency.
There is, therefore, a huge demand for professionally qualified persons in the area of Internal Audit. A professionally qualified chartered accountant, having regard to his training, education and exposure to the various facets of operations of an entity is well suited for internal audit. Keeping this in view, the Internal Audit Standards Board has decided to launch this Certificate Course on Internal Audit. 

The Residential Certificate Course on Internal Audit has been designed to help the members:
- Disseminating knowledge on the theory and practice of Internal Audit and allied functions.
- Reflect current internal audit thinking and practices and how they impact contemporary business enterprises.
- Enhancing the role of chartered accountants in the area of Internal Audit and allied functions.
- Building up Internal Audit as a core competence area of chartered accountants

Who should attend
- Internal Audit team of the organization 
- People involved in the preparation and review of quality systems
- People involved in the process of rehabilitation for conformity with the standard

Duration 3 days/ 18 Hrs. 
Code  MS/123