Effective Supervision Skills

The administrative supervision roof administrative process that consists of planning, organization and implementation, and evaluation, and the supervisor of the administrative realize the strategic goals of the organization and hoped that seeks to establish and accurately identifies the actual reality to them, and determines the performance gap between reality and expectations and seeks to train and qualify and motivate employees, who oversees them and create an environment for them to achieve strategic objectivesaccording plan carefully School and periodically assesses the achievement of achievement and seeks to continuously improve the administrative system and this is a variety of knowledge and high capacity and specialized skills minute contribute to his success in his mission.

Course Objectives
Identification of the mean of ManagementIdentification of the mean of discussionProvide employees with the full description of their work natureAcquire the skills of supervisionLearn the concept of decision making and effective delegationHow to manage a meeting and how to manage yourselfLearn the attendees how to get benefits from their mistakesLearn to continue developing employees performanceLearn how deal with negative behavior and how to correct it

Who should attend?
This course is designed for candidates who wish to specialize in specific business segments.

3 Days – 18 hours 

CODE  SS/411