Food Safety Specialist

Over view
Food safety is a determining risk of food, evaluation and control, and the development of standards and appropriate solutions to achieve food safety must develop a system to control product quality in terms of health and manufacturing the beginning of the inspection of places of production, processing, storage and trading and marketing until it reaches the consumer, ie, control of food from farm to the consumer.

Course Objectives
Acquire the skills to apply the concepts of quality and excellence in various fields
Understand how overlapping operations and other organizational improvement processes
Apply tools and techniques for Quality Assurance Specialist  in a professional manner and professional
The acquisition of skills required for the analysis of quality problems
Discussion and analysis of issues related to Quality Assurance Specialist  
How to promote a culture of positive quality between co-workers
Opportunity for evaluation and application research of critical situations
The ability to propose and implement solutions and strategies to assess alternative methods

Who should attend
All employees in quality management, and production companies and institutions working in the food and beverage sector, whether in manufacturing or trading

5 Days –30 hours