Conflict Management

This module helps participants identify sources of workplace conflict, and provides tools and techniques for assessing and managing conflict. It introduces a model for managing differences that includes nine unique approaches for effectively handling conflict. Participants determine which approach will be most successful in dealing with and resolving the conflicts they personally encounter. Working through simulations, they learn better ways to handle conflict between themselves and others, and to referee conflicts between other employees. Each participant plans and practices a conflict resolution session designed to prepare them for handling a conflict they currently face at work. The module concludes by highlighting ten common conflict behavior types, and showing how to effectively deal with each.

Course Objectives
Explore potential areas of conflict.Identify actual sources of conflict.Identify and apply nine proven conflict resolution approaches.Develop a systematic process for dealing constructively with disagreement.

Who should attend?
Department heads and supervisors.All departmental staff.

3 Days – 18 hours. 

CODE M/516