Introduction to Japanese 6 S’s Deployment

6S is workplace management where the work area and workplace are organized and ritualized to minimize the loss of time and the use of movement. 
It is part of Lean manufacturing philosophy (also known as the Toyota Production System).
It forms the principles for eliminating wasted time and unnecessary motion, and it is universally applicable to everyone and every business. 6S principles is much more than ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. 6S comprises six principles to make people highly efficient and effective in their doing work.Sorting (Seiri), eliminate all unnecessary tools, parts. Go through all tools, materials, and so forth in the plant and work area. Keep only essential items and eliminate what is not required, prioritizing things per requirements and keeping them in easily accessible places. Everything else is stored or discarded. 
Straightening or Setting in Order (Seiton), Arrange the work, workers, equipment, parts, and instructions in such a way that the workflows free of waste through the value added tasks with a division of labor necessary to meet demand. 
Systematic Cleaning (Seiso), clean the workspace and all equipment, and keep it clean, tidy and organized.
Standardize (Seiketsu), Ensure uniform procedures and setups throughout the operation to promote interchangeability.
Sustain (Shitsuke), Ensure disciplined adherence to rules and procedures to prevent backsliding.
Safety and Security, Everyone does their part to foster a safe and secured workplace.

course objective
The program describes how to organize a workspace for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing the items used, maintaining the area and items, and sustaining the new order.
The decision-making process usually comes from a dialogue about standardization, which builds understanding among employees of how they should do the work.

who should attend 
All supervisors and technical workers in different production workshops in addition to any newly graduated engineers to not exceed the total number of 12 members for each program

4 days - 24 hours