In Station Process Quality Control

The programme aims to develop the skills of workers in the productive and service enterprises and prepare them for participation in teams to improve process performance, whether major operations or supporting processes, so as to be able to perform their work in accordance with modern scientific foundations and required quality and to improve efficiency. 
As well as enabling them to participate in the establishment of quality control systems during all stages of production and environmental, occupational safety and health compliance in conformity with international standards.

Course objective
knowledge of the quality control importance in reducing the rate of waste by preventing the rejects.
Ensure that the Inspector understands the importance of quality control in the workplace.
Entrench the role of Inspector in preventing transmission of defective parts to the next stage.
The role of senior management in support of inspectors to achieve the required quality.
The importance of the quality control development in all production stage.

Who should attend 
Managers and supervisors of planning, production and quality

3 days - 18 hours