Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis

The problem solving is not a plan; where information enter from one side and solutions come out from the other side. The human factor is a very important element, which includes the skills of a conflict and the impact or assessment and other forms of communication. There is a science to solve problems with the methodology and technique that can escort methodological research on data that can be converted into information and then into useful knowledge is an interactive process involving co-workers, and then finding solutions through performance, facts and meaningful decisions based on those facts.

Course objectives
an overview of techniques and methodologies to solve problems and discover the root causesa profound understanding of how to identify a set of possible root causes of the problemHow to develop solutions and decide on the best solution after evaluating the risk associated with each solutionassess risks associated with providing solutions to customersgain basic understanding of practical problem-solving, decision-making and quality tools in place that support processCompetency development needed to use a systematic approach to problem solving and decision-making and supporting quality tools

Who should attend 
Director of procurement, logistics and warehousing, planning

3 days-18 hours