Inventory Management

How many benefits can you list in terms of managing this process more effectively? To help maximise results this 1 day course will focus on practical quantitative techniques.
You will be given analytical tools and techniques, learn how to overcome challenges and leave with a clear understanding of how to make a positive contribution to the bottom line.

Course objective
introduce participants the concept and importance of warehouse management and inventory, familiarize participants with the modern strategies in the management of stores and documents used in the process of storage and session documentary in the stores and the stages and steps of exchange and the receipt, informed the participants on the roads and modern systems in inventory control and warehousing, enabling participants to inventory control, familiarize participantsways and methods appropriate storage and how the design and layout of stores dynamically high.

Who should attend
Inventory and finance managers need an understanding of the principles and techniques involved to get these results.
Planners, buyers, stores supervisors and production team leaders or supervisors will also find this program helpful.

3 Days – 15 hours. 

CODE M/519