Value Stream Mapping and Waste Elimination

Value Stream Mapping is a method for displaying a map of the production process (materials, processes and information) from raw materials needed for the production process down to the goods or services produced in the hands of the final consumer. It refers to all activities involved in designing, producing and delivering goods and services to customers. Value stream mapping is a special type of planning process, which highlights the value-added activities and non-value added activities and times (times).

Course objective
the acquisition of knowledge and skill to determine the flow chart of production and manufacturing processes.
acquire the skill to collect information on high value operations.
measurement and inventory rationalization.
deep understanding of materials and information flow.
How to generate a reference line for production processes and identifying tools to measure progress rate .
acquire the skill to identify corrective actions for the development of production and reduce the rumbling.

Who should attend 
Managers and supervisors, production planning and quality.

4 days - 24 hours.