Total Quality Management

This Total Quality Management training course provides delegates with the skills required to achieve the very highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.
Total Quality Management requires managers to embed quality right across the organisation, in everything it does and with all staff. This course provides a comprehensive look at Total Quality Management, what it is, how it can be used in all organisations and what the benefits are.

Course Objectives
At the end of the Total Quality Management training course participants will be able to:
Discuss the concept of Total Quality ManagementApply the ideas of Total Quality Management to their organisation.
Identify useful quality improvement techniquesDescribe how Total Quality Management can be introduced into their place of work.

Who should attend
Working professionals (engineers/ managers) with manufacturing organisation engaged in all functional disciplines will find the courses useful. Students of professional colleges will get a detailed insight into the subject matter.Production, business development, quality, procurement, vendor development, product development, industrial engineering, plant engineering professionals will find courses directly applicable to their scope of work.Those who aspire cross functional knowledge will find courses of great value.

4 Days – 24 hours. 

CODE Q/211