Statisical Monitoring of Operations

Deals with the methods of collecting, organizing, presenting and summarizing data It involves the organization of set of data into tables, graphs or charts, and other relevant data summarization techniques.
It makes the presentation of statistical information more meaningful and easy to understand.
This course will provide participants with the basic knowledge in data organization and presentation and develop their skills in interpreting statistical results.

Course Objectives
At the end of this training course, participants will be able to:
Understand the aspects of quality and why it is consider important in today’s competing market.
Distinguish the area of  Statistical Quality Control
Understand the subject of Statistical Process Control (SPC) by considering the basic concepts.
Identify the important statistical measures to be used to monitor a quality characteristic.
Construct and interpret a number of specific control charts as the most widely used methods for the control of quality.
Examine the traditional way in which managers’ look at data.
Set down a system for thinking about SPC and introduce some basic tools.
Use of Minitab statistical software, the most comprehensive software for data analysis.

Who should attend 
Quality assurance managers, quality engineers, workers, Department of Statistics in various companies.

3 Days – 18 hours. 

CODE Q/212