Problem Solving & Decision Making

As organizations seek to become faster and more responsive, they increasingly decentralize decision-making, requiring workers at all levels to participate.
Therefore, every worker now needs to master skills and processes for identifying the “right” problems, rigorously evaluating alternatives, and making more effective decisions.
Since the same workers are often responsible for implementing these decisions, they also need stronger planning and change management skills.

Course Objectives
To understand the concept of decision making. To know the process of decision making.
To know the concept of group decision making. 
To identify the environment of the decision maker. 
To identify important skills needed by the decision maker. To know some of the decision making tools. 
To identify the process of implementing decisions.

Who should attend
anyone whose role requires Decision Making and Problem Solving with others.
Anyone seeking to acquire the skills involved in these roles.

3 Days – 18 hours. 

CODE P/422