Cost of Quality

What are quality related costs and how do you manage the costs within an organization? Find out on this one-day interactive workshop, which explains the role of quality cost management in an organization and offers insights into the quality cost model and how to implement it.
The workshop includes useful advice on how to develop a system to track costs, create an action plan and understand tools to support managing the quality costs in an organization.

Course Objectives
-Understand the definition of quality.
-Understand the quality concept.
-Understand the costs.
-Understand the types of costs.
-Recognize the benefits to reduce the quality cost.

Who should attend
This workshop is suitable for anyone who requires an in-depth understanding of how to monitor and measure quality-related costs.
It is also well suited to cross-functional teams with all relevant disciplines represented, including engineering, manufacturing, finance, and quality, purchasing, sales, and marketing.

3 Days – 18 hours. 

CODE Q/215