Continual Improvement

Market forces place increased pressure on organisations to improve their products and services.
To remain competitive in this environment, organisations must continually seek ways to improve all aspects of their business - including workplace relationships, processes, products and services.
While the focus on achieving quality products and services is not new, it has shifted from being reactive (inspect and fix) to proactive (plan to get it right the first time).

Course Objectives
Organizations of all types and different objectives are always in need of continuous improvement in its processes.
Continuous improvement in management philosophy is aimed to develop processes and activities related to machinery, materials and personnel and continuous production methodsThe ultimate goal of continuous improvement is to reach full mastering through continued improvement in the productive processes of the organization.
Continuous improvement process takes place through the implementation of continuous cycle stages (planning Quad and implementation and review the results and take the necessary corrective actions and so on) and in turn defines a Deming cycle (PDCA).

Who should attend
-all managers working at the frontline of an organisation.
-from supervisors and team leaders.
-Through to business unit and divisional managers.

3 Days – 18 hours. 

CODE Q/216