Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment and selection can have huge consequences if not carried out well; errors of judgment are bound to impact on team performance, and there is the ever-present possibility of falling foul of the law, with the associated reputational loss.
In this course we introduce you to the necessary processes, skills and knowledge that will help to minimise the chances of poor, or illegal, recruitment. The course is fun and interactive and there is an opportunity to practice interviewing and receiving feedback.

Course Objectives
-Improve the recruitment process in your organisation
-Gain confidence that recruiters’ decisions have been arrived at by effective methods that keep within the law
-Avoid possible future costly errors of judgment

Who should attend
Line managers or HR staff new to recruitment interviewing It is also suitable for more experienced interviewers who may be concerned that they are not approaching the task in the best possible way.

3 Days – 18 hours