Sales Execution

Sales Execution is a client-focused sales process in which the selling activities involve direct contact with prospective buyers, it helps salespeople identify a prospective buyer's business problem and lead the buyer to self-conclusion of how they can solve the problem utilizing the salesperson's capabilities and the value of doing so - thus leading to a "solution”, the Solution Selling Sales Execution workshop uses a collection of methods that includes tools, job aids, techniques, and procedures that help sales professionals align selling activities to the steps of various participants in the buyer organization’s process

Course Objectives
One has to define the measures for sales function, which plan the level of importance which needs to be placed on sales bottom line (sales profitability) Sales Revenue, sales people generally have a grouse that they get different messages from the management in terms on 'topline, a head of sales has a main task of providing that clarity and intent of sales function

Who should attend
Sales professionals who may have already received some basic sales training and have some experience in the field, it should not be considered for those without sales experience or as a replacement for fundamental sales training.

3 Days – 18 hours. 

CODE S/616