Benchmarking first step for success is establishing adequate foundation of understanding of Benchmarking process as it is defined by corporations today.
We provide general and customized courses in Benchmarking.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course participants should.
-Be familiar with various definitions of benchmarking and understand its meaning for local government and other public sector organisations.
-Understand the reasons for benchmarking, its benefits and costs and its role in informing improvement activity.
-Understand the merits of different approaches used for benchmarking and be able to match approach (es) to organizational needs.
-Understand the importance of planning benchmarking activity and setting realistic expectations which take account of available resources.
-Be aware of the usefulness and limitations of data comparison and its role in benchmarking.
-Understand the stages and processes that benchmarking activities typically involve and be able to apply these in practice.
-Be familiar with a range of existing guides, networks and resources to help with benchmarking.

Who should attend 
Managers and heads of marketing and sales departments and their deputies and assistants and candidates to take over those administrative positions.

2 Days – 12 hours. 

CODE s/617