Orient Team
- Choosing best of Qualified and experienced expertise according to international specification ISO 10019 concerning consulting.
- Team work for each consulting assignment based on professional qualification, experience needed for this specific scope of professional work.
- Team work could be combined from permanent experts, part- time consultants, sister companies’ experts and technical consultants.

An abstract describes the main features and attributes of orient's experts and consultants

Medhat Abdel-Wahab
Expert In Business Management And Marketing
CEO of Orient Consulting and Training, references to an international certified management systems international, working as a consultant to many 
companies and organizations including the Chamber of Engineering Industries Division of the formation of minerals.Gained experience of multiple work for more than 30 years in various fields, where he worked as a supervisor in the foreign trade statistics in Kuwait, 
and then held several positions of senior management in Egypt as director of marketing in the engineering company for industrial services, executive 
director of Delta Construction, a member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director Forge Industries metal, Chairman of the Board of Directors 
of Dana for export and land Reclamation.
PhD in Business Administration, and member of the American Marketing Association, Chartered Institute for Management, International Organization 
of Certified Auditors, National Institute for Quality, also participated in many conferences and scientific seminars in Arab countries including the UAE 
and Bahrain.

Ezz El Din El Hamzawi
International Consultant and lecturer in management systems
Has great experience in the field of quality for More 35 years, he held a variety of positions, head of the monitoring and quality assurance department 
of the armed forces, executive director of the National Institute for Quality, Quality Systems Consultant for the American quality team, Quality 
Consultant American Office for quality Consultancy, he is one of the accredited internationally senior Auditors, has attended numerous training 
courses in the United States in the field of quality
Distinguish outstanding abilities in the preparation of scientific materials for training programs, and preparing and qualifying companies in Egypt, 
Sudan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and others. He also teaches at the Naval Academy for Science and Maritime Transport for graduate 
He has a Master degree in Business Administration; he is a member of the Committee for National Award for Excellence, Advisory Council of the 
National Council for Accreditation, Executive Committee of licenses Authority for Standards and Quality, he also participated in many international 
conferences for quality

Medhat Fahmy Saleh
Lecturer and Trainer
Has the expertise to more than 33 years in the field of training, supervision, and held a number of privileged positions, President of the quality control 
Center of industrial production Office manager, the supervisor of the Information Center of the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality, 
and Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Administration at the University of King Abdul-Aziz Al Saud has held a job Part-time Lecturer Institute of 
Business Administration and the College of Business Administration (CBA) JeddahMany of the experiences were gained by the practical skills and academic training acquired as a result distinctive, mainly a course in the field of 
specifications and standards "Measurement Standards" in Japan, analysis and design of information systems and data analysis, statistical analysis 
using computer
He holds a master degree in Operations Research and he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Society for Quality, His books include 
statistical analysis, and participated in many seminars and workshops under the auspices of the African Organization for Standardization (ARSO) and 
the Canadian Organization for Standardization.

Mahmoud Hassan El Dabet
Consultant and lecturer in management and marketing
20  years of experience in the field of management consulting and marketing studies carried out several investment projects, Egyptian, Arab and 
Asian, including Pepsi-Cola, Delta Aromatic Egypt, Egypt Aluminium, Petroleum Belayim, ENPPI Petroleum Services, lectrostar, Petroleum Gulf of Suez, 
fantastic Petroleum, Chipsey, company Egyptian Electricity Holding, the holding company of serum and vaccine, a group of companies Ahmed Bahgat, 
the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Bahrain, Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company, Electricity Sudan, the Sudanese Customs, Department of youth and 
Sports, the Sultanate of Oman, and Saudi Foreign Ministry, company Libya Insurance, transport Authority Arabia, Authority Accounting Libyan, Tunisian 
customs Authority, the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia, Yemen Petroleum Company
Present several training programs in the field of human resources, marketing, sales and public relations in Egypt and the Arab countries including the 
UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Sudan,PhD in Business Administration, Master of Marketing and E-Commerce and a member of numerous professional associations, he holds a certified 
trainer certificate functional competency from the United States

Sayed Abo Shady
Consultant and lecturer for food safety management systems
Has 13 years of experience of practice in the field of food safety management systems and according to the nature of the activity and work where 
corporate he held several positions, he was quality assurance Manager in (JUHAYNA Group) and ( Teama & President) , he also an accredited Quality 
assurance Manager by the American Society for Quality
He Conducted several types of Audits as First, Second and Third Party Auditor for the following companies against several standards as ISO22000, 
OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001,& HACCP around (500 Man-day Audits), he lectures and coaches professionally in the fields of food safety 
management systems, he lectured several courses and training programs in Egypt and the Arab countries; he has prepared a lot of specialized 
scientific material in the field of food safety.
PhD in agricultural Science, Diploma in Business Management, Bachelor of Agricultural Science, he is Lead Auditor for FSMS IRCA certified and a 
member of the National Institute of Quality and the Egyptian Society for Quality

Amr Zidan
Consultant and lecturer in Business Administration
Amr has a broad base of experience for over 20 years in the field of management consulting and training, he held several jobs, mainly unit head of the 
Entrepreneurship Arab Organization for Administrative Development of the Arab League, he is currently teaching Business Administration at the 
Institute of productive efficiency and also works as a consultant for Toshiba group.
Has an practical efficiency and enormous skills where he participated in the implementation of many of the studies and consultations, he participated 
in corporate governance systems and studies to Toshiba group, has many activities in the organization and implementation of training programs where 
he developed and implemented training programs in many companies in Egypt including Egypt Air, Bank of Alexandria. He has participated in 
numerous conferences and seminars, including the First Conference on Arab Entrepreneurship Beirut.
PhD in Business Administration and has many of the scientific literature, including stages of growth and constraints of family industrial companies 
book, and supervised the theses for postgraduate  studies, he has received several awards given for excellence.

Hussein Moselhi
Consultant and lecturer in human resources and information technology
More than 18 years in university teaching and training in the field of information technology and human resources, he Held Supervisor at the American 
University in London, Assistant Professor in Department of Administrative Sciences, King Saud University, he worked as a consultant for human 
resources at Al Rajhi Commercial, Lecturer of human resources in Sadat Academy, has earned many certificates of appreciation from many firms such 
as the King Abdul Aziz Military College.
Has special expertise in the field of training, where he is a certified instructor of the Canadian Centre for Human Development, a local and 
international accredited training expert in the field of human resources and information technology, and made many constructive lectures in Egypt, 
Oman, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.
Ph.D. in Management Sciences, he is a member of the Egyptian American Society for Human Development, a member in the Committee of Quality 
Assurance and Accreditation Misr University for Science and Technology. Has published many Researches in scientific journals, effective time 
management in raising the efficiency of the application manager on Saudi schools