ISO 29990:2010

The ISO 29990: 2010 was established in September 2010 as an ISO international standard published and in December 2010. ISO 29990 "Learning services for education and training - Basic requirements for service providers" is a standard for learning services and at the same time a quality management system for learning service providers in education and training services. The objective of ISO 29990 is to provide a general quality model for professional practice and service development as well as a common reference for learning service providers and their customers for planning, development and implementation of education and training and to promote development. The standard focuses on the learner, the learning outcomes, the learning services and the expertise of the learning service provider. Organizations and individuals are to be supported by the International Standard for the selection of a suitable learning service that meets the needs and expectations of the development of skills and abilities.The International Standard has 4 chapters. Chapter 1 defines the scope. Chapter 2 explains terms that refer to the use of the standard. This is necessary because different views on these concepts exist in different countries, and explicit exists. It merely explains how they are to be understood in the context of the standard. In Chapter 3, the requirements are presented to the Learning Services and Chapter 4 presents to the management of the learning service provider.

Advantages for Providers:
- Possibility of entering the market in various countries
- Meeting national certification requirements
- Optimization of the process (P-D-C-A)
- Clearly defined and documented processes
- Development of internal quality improvement abilities
- The new standard may become the basis for branch solutions (e.g., language learning, distance learning)
- Motivation of employees and their active participation in introducing changes in the organization

Advantages for Learners:
- Transparency and comparability of offers
- Transparency and comparability of offers in various countries
- Reliability of offers
- Information pertaining to learning evaluation criteria
- Optimization of processes
- Improvement of learning environment
- Assuring suitable resources, incl. teachers (trainers) with suitable qualifications