Marketing Studies

Marketing study is part of a feasibility study is a trade-off between the investment opportunities to choose the best spirit and to determine  test the market for a new project idea and usually begin detailed feasibility studies identify the marketing viability of the project under study. Any order to identify potential market response to the idea of a new product or a new service that the project seeks to provide. Based on that study is making the right decision but continuity in the feasibility study of the project if the results were positive by going to study the possibility of implementing the idea technically means that the output of the study marketing in this situation is the basis of the technical feasibility study and engineering of the project and subsequent studies of financial, economic, social and direction the other if the results of the study marketing is encouraging decision to halt the completion stages of the feasibility study and the search begins again for ideas suitable if the starting point for all feasibility studies are conducting the study marketing, whether the project was a productive or service, government or private, new or expanded facility list and requires command to conduct the study marketing prepare a detailed framework for goals to be accessible and that includes all the previous activities to produce goods or provide services include Characterization of the product, whether a good or service. Characterization of consumers, their needs, and their level of economic development. Characterization of the market and its present and future competitors and homeopathic commodity prices and specific laws item trading or pricing. Determine the extent of the market response to the idea of the new product or service that the project seeks to provide. Share of the goods or services of the marketing gap (the difference between aggregate demand and aggregate supply of the commodity and service) and thus determine the production capacity and the expected number of sales.